Alex Kouba Supports Local Organizations, Impacts Community

LOS ANGELES, CA – Alex Kouba, successful entrepreneur and founder of multiple billboard advertising companies, is pleased to announce his ongoing support of several California-based organizations, with the goal of giving back and impacting the local community during these difficult economic times.

Widely known for his work in the billboard and outdoor advertising industries, Alex Kouba has also garnered attention for his philanthropic efforts, which include support for the Los Angeles Zoo, LA Fireman’s Fund, Brentwood School and St. John’s Health Center.

“I’m a firm believer in supporting organizations at the local level, which is where lives are impacted the most,” said Alex Kouba.

“In this era of tremendous economic stress, it is critical that those who have the means to be charitable make a renewed commitment to their chosen local philanthropies. Hospitals, the arts, public safety services and educational institutions need to have a strong foundation locally and that strength will almost always have a positive impact that reaches beyond those communities,” Kouba added.

Alex Kouba experienced early success as a businessman when he founded one of the largest billboard advertising companies in Los Angeles at the age of 24. His early success enabled him to focus on giving back to charities and causes that he believes in.

One such organization is the Los Angeles Zoo, which is responsible for education and conservation programs in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The zoo also holds holiday and summer events that benefit underserved children in the community.

Kouba is hoping that the openness about his giving will draw attention to the organizations he supports and help lead others to give as well.

“In a down economy, non-profits and programs that rely on financial support from donors are almost always impacted,” noted Alex Kouba. “My goal is to help raise awareness about some of these organizations and attract attention to their importance and the needs they have.”

For more information about the causes that Alex Kouba supports along with information about how to give online, visit his blog at

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